All requests should be accompanied by email and cell phone contact details so we can discuss your item with you once inspected . Please photograph your item prior to despatch . We will on its arrival . 

Exchange Clutch Rebuilds
Motogallur will take your clutch and rebuild it so that it is ready to install and ride away . Your clutch will be disassembled worn parts identified and replaced . The clutch will be adjusted ready to go . The worn parts will be returned to you with the 'new' clutch . Cost will be determined by what parts we need to replace .Only genuine Kawasaki parts are used from available NOS items .
Engine rebuilds 

If you are restoring an MT1 or a KV75 by far the most daunting task is to recondition the engine . Motogallur offers to take delivery of your engine and completely recondition it .

Our service includes but not limited to 

* Steam clean engine .
* Cases split with complete disassembly .
* Inspection and quote for unexpected items . ie aluminium welding / repairs
* Repacement of all bearings , seals and gaskets with new items .
* Hydrablasting of cases and covers . Clear coated afterward .
* Barrels dry blasted , honed or oversize bored depending on condition . Painted with high temperature paint .
* New pistons and rings matched to bores .
* Rod and bearings inspected for wear and runout . Reconditioned as required .
* New crank seals . 
* Heads dry blasted and combustion surface decoaked .
* Studs removed and reconditioned .
* Clutches reconditioned as above .
* Kick starter spline ( often worn ) repaired or replaced .
* Worn gears and selectors replaced .
* Levers rechromed , trued or replaced .
* New spark plug .
* Stator and flywheel removed , cleaned and reinstalled .
* New points and capacitor .
* Oil pump serviced .
* Engine reassembled with new case bolts and nuts using  assembly compound  on bolts . Loctite as required .
* Engine mounting hanger dry blasted and painted .
* Engine mounted on our test bed , started and run up with 3% oil premix .

Carb rebuilds

Send us your carb and we will inspect it for suitability to :

* Hydrablast it
* Ultrasonically clean it to remove media and deposits 
* Put in a service kit 
* Check and repair float bowl 
* Check action of slider and spring return