Model recognition 1971-1977
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Model Recognition  1978- 1980
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The Kawasaki MT1 was manufactured from1971 to 1975. The 

motorcycle was renamed the Kawasaki KV75 and continued production 

from 1976 to 1980. The 1971 model featured external spring forks 

which were modified to internal spring forks for the 1973 model year. 

In 1976 the seat was modified to feature a latch and the air filter was 

upgraded to a washable foam type element. Riding the KV75 is a blast 

- the automatic 3-speed transmission is easy to operate and the single 

cylinder, two stroke engine produces a non-intimidating 4.2 HP @6,500 

rpm. The MT / KV75 was designed to be easy to travel with as it 

featured fold down handlebars so that parents could easy stow the 

bike in the trunks of most vehicles.
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