How do I get one ?

Contact us on 0411269841, email luisgallur@mac.com .

We do not sell non remanufactured bikes  at a reduced  price . You can have a non remanufactured bike but it is the same price as our 'new' bikes . That an easy decision isn't it !  We want to set and maintain a price point for these bikes so new owners will maintain the value of their collectable asset . 

Discuss year and model . Discuss options such as case bolt type ( Stainless vs original vs hex type ) Discuss finish options . Clear vs polished etc .

Discuss use of NOS parts ( Expensive ) . 

$400 deposit gets you a production slot as demand has gone nuts .

Pay the $ by direct Bank funds transfer or cash on pickup .

Would I buy one ?

I've bought  70 and will probably buy more as I sell them !

Do I need to wear a helmet ?

These bikes will do over 60 kph and as such full motorcycle type  protective gear should be worn at all times to help protect against  injury . Not to do so would be dumb .
Will my Kawasaki KV75 appreciate in value ?

Past performance doesn't guarantee future appreciation however they have steadily increased in value and have enjoyed a recent resurgence . Our asking price doesn't seem to phase anyone who has seen one of our builds . Not sure how long I will hold the current price .
How do they compare to a Honda Z50 ?

They fit adults better and are definitely much quicker  . They have rear suspension unlike earlier Z50's . Fit and finish is comparable . Two stroke vs four stroke issues . Much easier to maintain but more maintenance to do . With heavy use rings and pistons need replacing every few years but is a simple inexpensive job. You can return to us to have this done .

Do they blow smoke ?

Of course . Use synthetic oil and it is way way less than mineral oil . Keep oil injector adjusted properly .Like all Kawasaki engines of this era they use plenty of fuel to run cooler . Some owners may prefer to disconnect the oil injection and premix the fuel with oil ( 1:32 mix ) .

Are they difficult to maintain ?
They enjoy simple two stroke simplicity . Ensure oil tank and gearbox oil  is kept full . Use new fuel . Points easy to access and adjust . Keep air cleaner free of dust and oiled . Keep chain oiled and adjusted . Minimal  maintenance should see it start first kick every time. Maintenance/owners  manual supplied with bike . Brakes easy to adjust . Illustrated Service manual available for a small fee .
Can I register a KV 75 ?
These bikes are pre compliance and over 30 years old so can be and have been registered with historic plates . We cannot register it for you as it is non transferable registration . We can show you the easy steps to do so .
Do you give after sales support ?
In a word absolutely !
We are happy to back our product . We have a comprehensive spares inventory . We will warrant the bike for defects in our re-manufacturing process for 12 months if brought back to the factory . Servicing is available . Crash damage is easily repaired by you or us .
Do you sell parts ?
Yes. We are currently stocking Australian manufactured gasket kits , axle kits , steering stem kits , control cable reproductions . We keep in stock overseas sourced commonly  restoration parts .m Most parts are available NOS and used on Ebay. Cost and postage from the US is expensive though . Tyres / tubes common consumables readily available .
Can you deliver interstate ?
Yes with a commercial carrier or  I maybe able to deliver by arrangement for the cost if fuel . I have daughters interstate to visit .
Can you delivery internationally ?
Yes bike can be crated and delivered to a freight forwarder in Sydney/ Australia at cost price to us .