Motogallur uses a state of the art in house  Mars vapour blasting cabinet to achieve superior finishes on metal  surfaces . Much more pleasant machine to operate than our dry blaster or hot water cleaner  

Aluminium alloy cases , blocks , heads and covers especially . ( See  Youtube video below ) 

Restorers with their own projects can have Motogallur vapour blast their item with rapid turnaround and competitive pricing .This service is extended to all restorers not just but especially to KV75 owners . Those  wanting a very quick turnaround maybe able to swap their  item for one already completed if  their core is suitable . 

Usual cost for top end KV75 ie head and intake manifold $75 .

Pair of engine covers $100 .

Engine cases $100 .

Covers plus cases $175

Satisfaction guaranteed . Note  parts need to be disassembled . We will not mask up and blast complete engines or gearboxes as the glass beads penetrate everything . The cleaner the delivered part the less the cost to you  . If we have to degrease , paint strip and clean the part then it is done at the same hourly rate that we charge for the cabinet . Cheaper to do the prelim yourself .

Benefits of the VAQUA wet blasting ( Vapour blasting ) process are:

Smooth , non porous finish to the part that resists staining and fingerprints .

No toxic or harmful chemicals - no atmospheric or environmental pollution.

No component erosion or impregnation - critical measurements maintained.
Simultaneous rust inhibition .

Sydney drop off point available .

Phone 0411269841 to arrange service .